Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Breakthrough ?

Well, sort of.
At least until Hubby walked back into the house after work. Rachel woke up and actually smiled at me this morning. She didn't cringe or push herself into the pillows to get away from me.
I thought since we were on a roll I would take the kids and do something fun today, you know get out and enjoy the sunshine a little.
We started at the animal park here in town. Thought it would be fun, see some animals, ride a pony and enjoy.

Well, no, it didn't work. It was about 95 today and with smelly animals and dust and 6 sweaty kids no way. Plus, it was pretty gross. Not very clean, the animals were pathetic.
Not some place we will visit again. Matter of fact we walked out after 30 minutes and skipped the ponies all together. No one minded, we got our money back and headed to the local bowling place. (yes, I was feeling brave)

Here we had lite snacks (cheaper than meals) and the kids played mini bowling and arcade the nice cool air conditioned building. Which is a good thing seeing as how every time I take Rachel outside she breaks out in a fierce heat rash.

And you know, I had some great pictures. Took millions. But when I got home to load them all.... Realized I had left the SD card in the computer. Ughhh!!
So y'all can enjoy pics from yesterday.


Tina Michelle said...

it sounds like your new little girl is doing better! Sweet! Love the pics.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Oh noooo...that is so frustrating!

It will get better each day....

What beautiful children!!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Bless your sweet heart! Love the pics you shared and praying today is a GREAT day!!!

Laine said...

Good idea to go to the air conditioning!
I'm so glad Rachel is giving you some smiles! Baby steps, right?
So great everyone is back home together!