Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Day In Guangzhou ~

The days are starting to blend together for them. Luckily there are four other families in Guangzhou with Wasatch. This is a first for us. With Hope we traveled alone and with Grace there was one other family.
Only two more days until they start the trek home. They
leave for Hong Kong via train on Friday afternoon and then fly to the states on Saturday morning.


Carey and Norman said...

I'm glad Kerri has been able to meet other Wasatch families. It is nice to travel with others and meet up for dinner and shopping.

I'm glad Kerri was able to enjoy a dinner at the guide's house. What an experience! I'm also glad you've been able to Skype with Rachel as I know how much you want to be there with her. Can't wait to see pictures once she is home!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

You must be counting down the minutes now! Only a couple days to go!