Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~ What would you have done? ~

I debated on posting this or not....but I am sure it is something many of us have to deal with or will have to deal with...

I was at the local outlet mall with the two Little's. We were in Gy*boree. (they were having a $4.99 sale y'all!!)

Anyway, I was looking at the clothing, the girls were with me when they asked if they could sit in the two remaining chairs and watch the tv. I looked, saw two other girls about the same age with their moms talking and said sure. I could still see them and was literally two steps away. SO, I am looking through the clothing and over hear the one lady say " We have lived all over but now have to go to japan with all those Asians"

ooook, I pause and look over and see Hope asking one of their little girls to please move so she can see. (she even said please which isn't common for her)

The little girl doesn't move and proceeds to poke Hope in the eye with glasses and pull her hair. I wanted to say something to the mom, but didn't. I asked Hope if she was OK and she said yes. So I let her handle it......again the little girl pulls her hair. Hope then says to the mom, "excuse me, please tell her to stop"

The lady ignores her and does nothing. She continues to talk about "Dumb Asians" and how everything in Japan is going to be weird and different and ignores the whole thing.

So I go over and say, please stop. Nothing happens. Finally I look at the lady and say "excuse me" She ignores me and continues talking. Hope by now is in tears and I can't get the lady's attention. So I pick up Hope to comfort her and grab Grace and say out loud, Honey, some people are just plain rude and not very nice and we walk away.

Now, what I would liked to have done is something entirely different but I took the high road and left.

My question is what would you have done??



Cheri said...

I'm not sure if I could have controlled myself as well as you did! Good for you!

Holly said...

oh GIRL. Really? What I would have done is interrupt the conversation with, "Excuse me ma'am but your daughter is poking my beautiful and intelligent ASIAN daughter in the eye. Kindly manage her!"
Oh Mama Bear!
I am so sorry! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

The same thing! I would have made sure my children knew both the child and mom did not make good choices! You were outstanding!!!

Jan said...

Amazed by your restraint, you most likely did the right thing to walk away from that IGNORANT, IDIOTIC person!!! Too bad that terrible woman is passing on her horrible values to her children!!

I don't think that I would have been able to control myself the way that you did!! I know that I would have comforted my dear daughter, however, i know I would have been a whole lot more vocal to that moronic person, and would have blasted her with both barrels!!

Of course , naturally, I would apologize profusely to all that would witness the event. By the time I finished with her, she would be the one to walk away beyond embarrassed!!! How dare that woman allow her child treat anyone regardless of heritage that way!!! She should be ashamed of herself!!!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Oh dear.... I would have been hot! God only knows what I would have said to that lady...but it would have gotten her attention. However, that is not how I should handle things in front of my kids.

Probably the right thing to do would be to say to my daughter "that is not what we do" and leave. But oh.... I would have been so upset and there is just no telling how I would have handled it. I'm working on my "grace"....


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