Friday, June 4, 2010

Confirmed CA!!

Which means we know what day we leave for China and the day we get Rachel. However, I can not seem to get a travel agent to get back to me yet. But with all the TA's that arrived yesterday I am not surprised.

So, Kerry will leave on June 25 and get Rachel June 28, CA is July 7 and fly home on July 9. (if I can get flights for a reasonable price)
BYW, the little guy helping out our girl is Julie's son Bryan. Isn't he the sweetest little man ever?!?!
(Their faces are blurred for privacy)


Holly said...

Yippee!! I didn't realize you weren't traveling!!
I will be waiting with you on this side of the ocean for your daughter to come home at long last!!

Julie said...

I am so glad Kerry is traveling soon, and that you can see the end of the very dark tunnel. I love that picture of Rachel and Brian.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...


I'm SO happy things are finally moving along. Your Sweety is coming home!!!!!! And...I like how you spell "sweety" with a "y"...that's how hubby and I spell it too! :)

That is a darling photo!!!

Love and blessings,

Jan said...

WhooWhoo!!!! Sooo excited!!!!! ├žan't wait to follow along!!