Thursday, June 24, 2010

One day to go and New Pictues!!

We are at one day people!! One day until Kerry flies to China to bring our daughter home!!

And what did I get in my email this morning?? A couple pictures from traveling families that visited with our sweet girl!! She is crying in some of them and apparently doesn't like having her picture taken. She is content to sit in her nanny's arms and just observe instead of participate.

And that is ok by me, I am kind of like that to. I so understand!!

Rachel 6.24


and Baby Makes 10 !! said...

Doesn't she look beautiful!! She is wearing the new little outfit you ordered from us!! ;o)
I can hardly wait to see her in her Daddy's arms.


Carey and Norman said...

Sweet pictures. I cannot wait until Monday when Kerri has Rachel in his arms! Safe travels!

Holly said...

wow wow wow!!! So excited for you!!!!!