Monday, March 1, 2010

More Bunnies...

I have three bunnies ready, two blue and a pink. They will go to Marilyn (Carey's mom) unless she doesn't want them, then they will go to the next person.
The bunnies are about 14" high and super soft. (Made from chenille) The buttons are sewn on by hand and I make sure they are super tight to lesson the chance of choking for the younger kids.
I am charging $14 per bunny and $3.00 shipping.

I will try and make as many of these as I can. We are still trying to fund raise for the upcoming trip to China. I also have a new style dress coming soon.

I have put an order button on the sewing site. I will make these until my fabric runs out. An email will be sent to you with your order update. Please remember, I am making these custom and they will take about a week to finish. I will have them to you before Easter. Once my fabric runs out, I will stop taking orders.

Thank you!!


Cindy said...

HI - Love those bunnies! You are so creative!
Would you be willing to make us one of each also? I'd love to put these in my daughter's Easter baskets and help out your fundraiser too. Blessings, Cindy

Colleen said...

if you are taking orders let me know.....: )

Mandi said...

Those are SO cute. I wish I could buy one, but we are so close to traveling and are still trying to raise money ourselves. Oh how I would love those for my kids' Easter baskets.


Jan said...

The bunnies are so adorable!!! We sure would love to purchase a pink one!! Or a blue one if you don't have any pink available!! I don't want to be greedy - but if it's possible we'd like to purchase one of each!!

Jan said...

Hi Desiree,
Me again!! If possible i would like to purchase 2 boy bunnies - love the carrot!! And, one girl bunny for my Jillian!! Please please, please!!! They are so adorable!!!

Jan said...

Hi Desiree,
Thanks for getting back to me. When you get a chance, please email me with my total and I can send it to you through Paypal. Those bunnies are just too adorable!!!

Jan said...

Hi Desiree,
Just found your button and just sent a payment through paypal. Thanks so much!! Can't wait!! They'll make a great Easter gift!!