Friday, March 5, 2010

Have you seen this???

I have, every day. This wait seems to get longer and longer with no end in site.

Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

I know we have not been waiting nearly as long as those of you in the NSN line, but I saw our little girls face over 9 mths ago and I want her home now!! No, make that like yesterday.

I am really hoping we get good news on Monday. They keep telling me our acceptance is on it's way but I just don't know what to believe anymore. I tell you, my body can't take much more of this self indulging chocolate binges. (well, maybe it could)

Also for those of you interested I still have about five bunnies left. The first twelve have been packed and shipped to their new owners. Thank you!!


The Thomas Crew said...

Has there been any reason given as to why you have had to wait so long? Our agency has actually told us they are coming faster than normal now. This is so discouraging just to watch how long you've waited. Our time was passing by so quickly until we got the updated pictures this week and now I cannot get there quick enough. I hope you travel soon.

Lisa said...

Hang on...she's worth it. Just think, God said that about you once!

Mike and Rhonda said...

Oh my heart breaks for you guys. I know that must be so hard.

Steve and Jan said...


I'm so glad you're still doing your blog. I thought you were only doing Facebook. I have tried to email you a couple of times, but not sure if you ever received it.

I'm sorry you are having to wait so long. I know it's terribly difficult.

Do you still have any bunnies left or are you going to be able to make any more? You can email me and let me know, if you have time.

Hope to hear from you soon. I have thought about you all so often.