Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Favorite Spot ~ Revisited...

We just can't seem to stay away. All the kids love it and we get to eat yummy snacks from the farm then walk it off on the trail. Now who wouldn't like that?!?

                                           It's very rare that my big guy will sit for a picture.

                     And Hope, she is my poser, she will always stop and ask me to take a picture of her~

                                      Especially when they get to climb into a giant wheel!!

                                                The boys idea of a great picture....

                          And with beautiful scenery like this, we would loved to have stayed all day.

 Just had to include this picture, if you look closely...the basket is filled to the brim with....

the lady's dog!! I don't think I have ever thought to take my dog for a bike ride!!

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday.

Sunday Snapshot

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