Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Are you up for a challenge??

We are finishing up our home study, one meeting to go. The process for this adoption is a bit different than our other adoptions. We live in a different state, don't have to redo all the authentications because we are re-using our previous dossier and well, we know what we are doing this go round since this is our fourth adoption. (meaning, hopefully no mistakes)

Next step, submitting our I 800A application.
That will cost $890. In order to submit that I need to sell 100 luggage tags in the next week.

That is 100 tags in seven days. And it is possible!! I just need your help.

I need you all to spread the word and pray. Or visit Josh's blog and grab the button and add it to your blog. Sound spretty simple, right?

That's because it is.

We are undertaking a journey that God has planned out, He alone knows the outcome, we are merely following His will.

Joshua from the start has a been a struggle for us. We both thought we were finished building our family.

Kerry and I were content to plan and do other things, but God, He kept nudging us and sending signs that were impossible to ignore. So finally we gave up and just said "ok, God we here you and we're in!!

And we haven't looked back since. And this little guy, he will have a family, OURS!! and with God's and your help he will come home to his forever family soon!!

Just click on the link below to order your set of tags or to add our button to your blog.

Robin of Red Thread Stitches has genorously offered to contribute a $1.00 for every tag sold up to $100.00!!!  Let's not disapoint her, come on we can do this!!!

We thank you and Josh thanks you!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

I added your button to my sidebar!!! Praying for lots of orders!!!
Blessings and love!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Congrats, Desiree on your new addition - Joshua is so,so handsome!!