Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Urgent Situation ~

This is Bella. She is 13 and in an orphanage in Shanghai. She will turn 14 in february. Once that happens her chances of having a family are gone. She needs someone paper ready or someone who has LOA already or even someone who hasn't started who is willing to get their senators involved to get this done!!

The agency that has her file has a grant program you can apply for that totals $2500. I also know of several people that are willing to donate to the agency for her adoption fee's. (myself included)

I am also willing to set up and online raffle, giveaway, donation site. Whatever it takes.

We have been told that after she ages out she will eventually end up in a massage parlor possibly doing "adult services".

Can you even imagine?? Lets not let that happen. Someone out there has to know someone willing to take a chance on a beautiful 13 year old girl.

Her file is with Kathy at Wasatch. She is willing to transfer the file to your agency if you are already with one.

Contact me ( or Kathy at Wasatch (

for more information.


Anonymous said...

is this still the situation?

Anjella said...

Wish I had more time, and more money. :(

Anonymous said...

IS there an update on this situation?

Praying lots, Wish I could do more :(