Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More snow heading our way....

So if you don't hear from me..... let's hope we keep our power and the roof is still standing after another 10-20 inches hits us.

Today is Hope's birthday. Her fifth birthday. She is so proud and happy to be 5. This means going to kindergarten in the fall. (which our little social bug is so ready for) She comes with me to take Grace to speech, we have lunch with Jakie and she thinks it is so special to be there. I am so happy that her transition will be an easy one. I swear this child could make friends with anyone or anything.

Anyway, back tot he birthday celebration. We had planned making Chinese noodles and having a nice meal together but, the grocery store is very low on items with the storm heading our way again. Guess we'll have to save that for a later date.

We did have a homemade cake on Sunday and she invited a friend over. So all is not lost. (and yes, she picked the lovely pink and purple combination)

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