Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I received many compliments on the bunny I made for Jie. So, i am in the process of making more pink ones and a few blue ones. I will post when they are finished. They will go to the first person that wants them. Not sure on pricing yet, I have to figure out cost and time, but they won't be expensive.

Thank you all for your support and fundraising ideas. You all amaze me.


Colleen said...

ooohhhhh I can't wait!!! I will be watching for them : )

Jan said...

That little bunny, as well as, the bunny being held is absolutely ADORABLE!!

We definitely want to purchase a pink one!!!!! Please keep us in mind!!

and Baby Makes 11! said...

Love the bunnies! Let us know. ;o)

Wish I could have got in on your drawings, but things have been tight (since starting our 3rd adoption in a row!). If you do any more, maybe I can on the next one.

Sheri (from your XZ and Wasatch family)

Lisa said...

So so so cute!

marissa said...

the bunny is so cute, best of luck on selling them