Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another bump in the road....

Well, we were supposed to get our LOA FedEx next day which would mean today. I waited around all day and they never came...
I sure hope they have our correct address.

Another parent on the Hanzhong yahoo board received an update today and Gracie is in the picture. The kids are typically kept in a family unit of five. The parents of one of the boys will be traveling soon and we should follow a couple weeks after. I hope, there is speculation that the CCAA will be closed during the Olympics and this could slow us down a two weeks. Regardless the timing is still good, the flights went from $2200 each during the Olympics to $1000 after.

She's the one in the orange, in case you were wondering.


Steve & Jan said...


Congratulations on LOA!! How exciting! I cannot wait to follow your journey and see you bring Gracie home!

About the FedEx package...I noticed you were posting this on you guys have Saturday delivery where you live? I know we don't. The same thing happened to me once. Anyway, hope all is well with your LOA delivery.

I am just so excited for you all. Gracie just gets cuter and cuter!!


Kim said...

Congratulations!! Keep the faith, I'm sure your package will arrive. God is Good, all the time!