Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year Celebration ~ Sunday Snapshot ~

Last night we celebrated Chinese New Year....with our neighbors and friends in the area. You see our neighbor, who lives right next door....she also has a daughter from China.

Now tell me that isn't a God thing!! We looked all over for houses when we moved here. And when Kerry pulled in the driveway of this house, he glanced next door and saw this....

For those of you that don't know, that's the Chinese flag....and we just knew our house would be the one next door.

The party was wonderful. Our girls had such fun. And all the authentic food? Well that was just a bonus.

We had lots of dragon decorations. Which the kids loved. And Rachel, she is our dragon baby!!

It's pretty much a given with nine people in our family we have one of each zodiac sign...just about~

                                   Our beautiful girl who has grown so much in the past year.

And the kids' favorite food...dumplings~

Hope was the head of the dragon this year. She was excited to finally be big enough for that priveledge!!

And our silly girl Gracie.

                                                         Can't forget my big girl Han. And the boys, the middle son was there, just busy playing with the other kiddos. Our oldest was at Grandma's house. That's the nice thing about being near family again.

And our youngest son....he is still waiting in China, but God willing will be home soon. I am still busy sewing away.

If you would like to order a skirt to help Joshua come home see this post..

I need to sell 50 skirts in 50 days. We hare 20% of the way there wtih 10 sold so far~

And we also have our giveaway ending very soon!! A couple of days left to enter to win a kindle fire!!

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