Thursday, January 26, 2012

A child waits~

Carson–PLEASE HELP- I am “aging out” in December of 2012, $11,000 in fees waived


This is Carson. I gave him this name because he is the very same age as my own son with that name and I couldn't imagine my own son not having a family and never being able to have one. Sometimes you hear a child is 13 and think, "oh they are no longer a child" but then look at an actual 13 year old boy or girl and you will see they are still really so very young. They still like cartoons, playing with cars and toys and games, being silly and needing hugs! This Carson is going to age out in December of 2012 meaning he will NEVER have a chance for a real family! There is over $11,000 in fee reductions for a family who adopts him. Please won't you consider him for your family??
He resides in a foster family at this time where they say:
He is a smart and study hard child. He can follow the teachers and finish homework well. In the foster family, as elder brother, he can help little brother and sister. If little brother and sister were wrong, he can point out and help them to correct.
Now he is 4 grade in the primary school. He is clever and study hard. His results are in the upper middle. At home, he is obedient. He can help mother to do easy household duties. He has good living habits and strong self-care ability. He is a sensible good child. He is introverted but he is active and lively when meets familiar people. He is getting along with teachers and classmates well.

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