Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New skirts and new pictures!!

I will start with the new picture of Josh we received today from another family. He is the cutest little guy ever!! The really cool thing or what I chose to believe as a God thing is that he and the little girl being adopted by this family will be only about an hour and half from us!! And because they are both older I think this may be important later on.

I just can't wait to get my hands on our little guy and hug him!!

OK, so enough with the mama bragging...on to the skirts. Just when I think I have had enough of sewing..and endless nights staying up late to accomplish this I get a surprise gift of pictures and then I just keep going!!

I mean look at him?!?!? He is so handsome and that smile!! Goodness. I will sew all day and night if that is what it takes to bring our boy home!!

I am going on again....so here are the new skirts ready to ship. I also have a ton more fabric on order with new Christmas prints coming!!

(please forgive the poor quality of the pics, I sold my SLR camera to help pay for our adoption expenses)

Ladybugs skirt and matching headband Available in any size up to 7/8

Paisley Check Size 3

                                                                        Red Floral  size 2

                                                          Owls  sizes 18 mths, 4

                                                          Retro Butterfly  sizes 2t and 4

                                                             Asian Tea party Yellow size 4

                                                                Dr. Suess  size 5

Blue Christmas  size 8

                                                                      Retro Birds  size 7/8

                                                    Strawberry Tea Party   size 5

                                                        Christmas Candy  sizes 2,3

                                                          Christmas Trees  size 2

                                                          Asian Umbrellas  size 2

                                                                          Floral    size 3

                                                              Black/pink Floral   size 6

I have many more fabric selections coming. If you have something specific in mind I will try to work with you, please email me. (hopeyfopey@yahoo.com)

Skirts are $20 with $2 shipping no matter how many you order. As always thank you for helping us bring our son come home.

Skirts with a matching headband are $25

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