Monday, August 1, 2011

Wasatch has a new list out!!!

And if you know me, I need to  tell you all about the adorable waiting kiddos....

So here you go~ Many have been on other agencies lists beofre and really need to find their forecver family soon!

Meet Morgan, isn't she a doll??

Sweet little Morgan has a lot of diagnoses but we hope you can look past those to see who she really is. Morgan has CHD (TOF); a deformity of her right wrist joint as well as to her right thumb and Hepatitis B.

Her caretakers in December of 2010 say the following:

Morgan''s limb and mental development at present is normal. At the age of 4-5 months she can tread her legs up and down strongly, often kicked off the quilt covering her body. At the age of 6-7 months she can roll over, began to pay attention to the surroundings, liked to often look around, can touch the toys hung beside her crib with her hands. At the age of 7-8 months she can sit alone, pull the quilt of the kid in the neighboring crib. At the age of 9-10 months she can sit alone steadily, stand alone by holding onto bedrails. Now she can walk alone by holding onto bedrails.
 Morgan is active, quiet, gregarious, not afraid of strangers, is full of curiosity. At the age of 4-5 months she can locate sound source with eyesight and her eyesight can follow moving objects. At the age of 6-7 months she can utter conduplicate syllables such as ba-ba-ba alone. At the age of 8-9 months her hearing was sensitive, she can turn around to locate the sound source when her name was called. When finding the source she would smile. Now she can express her willing clearly, crawl over to take or ask by stretching her hand when seeing things she likes. She likes toys making sound. Presently she likes to play various games with adults, and when playing these games she is very happy and interested. Under the loving care and concerns of the caretakers in the welfare institute, she feels safe, happy and satisfied., seeding the caretakers she can smile and reach for cuddle by her hands, has formed strong and close bonds with the caretakers.

Next is Natalie.
Is this little one beautiful or what? She was born with cerebral palsy and it has affected her walking and speech. Her caretakers say the following about her:
After admission she was placed in a foster family, the family was advised to pay attention to feeding.. Because the child suffers cerebral palsy, she has had rehabilitative training. During the fostering time the child had no special discomfort Meanwhile she is diagnosed with kyphotic spine, bad motion of both upper limbs, both lower limbs are weak, incoordination of limbs, no other special findings.
At the age of 3 months she can stretch herself and stretch hands and feet, at the age of 4 months she can move with the objects with bright colors, at the age of 7 months she can sit alone quite steadily. Because of cerebral palsy, the child has had rehabilitative training. Now she still cannot stand alone, can understand the order of adults but cannot speak.

She is extroverted, active and restless, has a ready smile, likes to play with kids, likes to listen to music and watch cartoon, is energetic, likes outdoor activity and playing hide-and-seek, and likes playing all kinds of toys.
We hope there is a family familiar with cerebral palsy who could help her reach her full potential with a forever family.

Kayla has the most gorgeous eyes. She is post op for a meningocele and post op for deformity of her right lower foot. Her caretakers say the following about her:

Now,Kayla is nearly 4 years old. She can sit freely, and she can reach the toys; before the foot operation, she can walk by holding handrails; when seeing toys beside her, she knows to take up it and play with it. She can exchange toys in different hands; she can hold a pen with full hand and scribble, and when she finished, she will give you to see. Because she is raiseed in institute, there is distance between she and the children in the same age. We will give her more practice of some fine activities, to improve her motion development.
On her adaptability and language, she can put in and take out blocks of a box, and she can put the cap on the box. She knows the meaning of “NO”, she can respond to other’s asking for things from her; she can know some simple orders, if you ask her to put toys into the bag and open the cap, she will do as you ordered. She can build tower of 8 blocks. If she wants to read the picture book, she will point to it with her finger, and let you give her the book. She can turn pages one by one; she can read after you the names of the book, and she can point to the pictures on the book with her finger. When she sees toys with sounds, she will shake it to make sounds. When she is playing with toys, she will give the aunt to see and saying take. She can point to eyes, nose, and mouth and so on with you. She can use a gesture to say goodbye to you, she can also clap hands with aunts. She can hold up things to eat ,like biscuit and apple. Now she can eat meals with a spoon, but she eats slowly. When she finishes drinking milk, she will return the milk bottle to the aunt. When she eats up the food, she will ask for more from the aunt. If you give her a small car, she will slip it on the floor, when she is dressed by the aunt, she knows to be cooperative. She can use crying to express her feeling; she likes playing accompanied by people, she will smile happily. If the aunt is going to leave, she will cry. Now she can say sentences with 3-5 characters, and she can say something after you. She can say: “Mum, the meal is coming”. When she sees something to eat, she will say to her mother: “mun, give me”. If you give her a toy she dislikes, she will refuse. She likes watching cartoon, and she can sing with the TV. At present, she can call father, mother, sister and aunt, and she can count numbers from 1 to 100 with the aunt. She knows names of the caretakers and other children in the same room. If you ask her who is Kangsu, she will clap her head. When she is playing with toys, she will speak to herself with her own language. If you call her, she will turn her head. If you ask if your mother is good, she will say mother is good with her hands on her chest. If you ask her if the familiar aunt comes to work, she will answer you that no. because she had the operation, if you ask her if her foot is hurt, she will move the foot to let you see, and say that it is not hurt, then she will put her foot well. If you say goodbye to her, she will say: “aunt, Byebye.”Kayla is a lovely little girl, we all like her very much.

Darling Jack is diagnosed officially as "dropsy of the brain" however an image report stated "no abnormality observed". He is also thriving and growing normally. His caretakers in August of 2010 say the following
He likes to play in the outside with children, likes to play automatic toy, likes watch cartoon, for instance “Pleasant Sheep And Big Bad Wolf”, likes to watch children show, for instance, “little wise tree”
In the physical growth, at the age of 6 months old, he could sit alone, at the age of 8 months old, was able to crawl, at the age of 1 year old, could walk, normal teeth development. In the language aspect, could say “ father, mother and other easy word.”

Gabe is said to be one smart, little guy! Although he was born with cleft lip and palate, they have been repaired and he is doing well. He also has Hepatitis B. His caretakers said the following in October of 2009:
On July 1 2004 he was fostered in a family. He got familiar with foster family very quickly after being fostered and can get along well with others.

Gabe is active, restless, likes imitating, listening to music, is quick in reaction, energetic, extroverted, likes practicing wushu and acted very hard when putting on wushu performance at get-together party in our institute.

He can manage his defecation and urination, put on and take off clothes without help, enrolled into the top class of kindergarten in September of 2009, knows many numerals and has learned the make-up of number, for example: how to get the result of 3 in math and can also recite several poems.Gabe can go upstairs and downstairs without help, standing long jump; can imitate drawling lines, circles, cross and square, knows any 7-10 parts of body when drawling a person; can stand for 10 seconds on one foot; pick up peanuts with chopsticks; walk 2m forward tiptoe against heel alternately and can write his own name.
He knows big and small, inner and outer, more than two kinds of colors, left and right, triangle, square and circle; can produce sentences of 5-10 characters, asks “what’s it?” on his own initiative and knows the purpose of daily used commodities.

Sounds like a bright and happy boy just needing a forever family.

For more information on any of these beautiful kiddo's contact Kathy Junk at Wasatch. Her email is

We have used Wasatch three times and love them.

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