Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pre Surgery Visit~

Our local Children's Hospital always has pre surgical tours for children. And with this being Gracie's fourth surgery in four years we thought we had better attend.

It went well on the elevator trip up tp the unit....but as soon as we went to start the tour she got a bit nervous and the other kids we brought along....they started getting restless.

Gracie liked seeing all the equipment and loved the scrubs.

Hope liked pestering everyone with her idea's and being a doctor....because she is a natural leader.

Me, I am a bit nervous for my girl. I plan on walking her to the OR. They are nice about that and understand the whole adoption/abandonment thing. And who wouldn't want to wear the super cool scrubs in pastel blue?!?! You know that's the real reason I do it!! LOL (just kidding of course)

Gracie's surgery just happens to fall on the other kids' first day of school and wouldn't you know it, I have to have her there at 5:30 am!! I usually don't even go to bed until then!! LOL

Looks like I will be pulling an all~nighter.

But I promise to have my darling hubby take pictures of the kids in their first day of school best!!

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