Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Mystery?

We received Josh's finding ad today. I knew after reading his referral documents that we had a bit of a mystery, and I still can't figure it out....

He is from a very small town with a very small orphanage. As you can see only four ads were placed in this paper....Our girls' finding ads~ Literally a hundred, if not more~

We knew from his referral that he was born May of 2006, he was found on Sept 2006. That means his birth parents kept him for 5 months. I can't imagine the heartbreak they felt....knowing he needed surgery and maybe they couldn't afford it?

I wonder if they think about him daily, or maybe even keep tabs at the orphanage?

But the real mystery to me is if he was found in Sept. why wasn't he taken to the orphanage right away?

Our referral documents show he wasn't admitted until January of 2008. We also have the name of the finding person. And a name for who kept him after he was many unanswered questions, I wonder if we will ever know the answers? Or how we can find out more....or will he even want us to investigate?

What I do know is that we love our little guy and can't wait to bring him home!!

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The Dear Family said...

Who did you use? Our daughter was found right after that I believe.