Monday, January 24, 2011

Two more sweet baby girls available ~

They are listed with Wasatch and ever so cute.

This is Yang. She was born on 4/28/2010. She has a small tumor on her neck. The agency is trying to find out more information.

This is Celeste. She was born on 10/18/2009 and has microtia. Isn't she a doll??
She is listed with Wasatch.

Email for more information on either of these precious girls.


The Gang's Momma! said...

We are the proud parents of a three and a half year old with right ear Microtia/Atresia. She is deaf in that right ear and has normal hearing in her left ear. If this cutie catches your eye or your heart, I would be MORE than happy to talk to you about anything related to Microtia that we have learned in the 2 years she's been home. It's a REALLY easy SN to learn about and live with. Please feel free to contact me via my blog contact information!

Jessica said...

Don't let the word tumor scare you. We are adopting a little girl who had a GIANT benign tumor removed from her neck at 8 months old and is now almost 3. Not a big deal at all.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Oh my friend....I would love to take them all and love them forever!!!!

Love and blessings,

Curt, Pam, Ryan and Carissa said...

I totally agree with the first post. We adopted our daughter in September of 2008 with Microtia of the left ear. Our daughter, however, has hearing in that ear and I don't even consider that she is SN. No one even knows unless they see her ear under her hair. It will be corrected when she is older and that is it. Such an easy SN to handle.