Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family Time ~ Sunday Snapshot ~

Finally after having a husband that has been traveling nonstop for over two months, we have a whole three day weekend together!!

Obviously this is reason to celebrate. I have been a single mom to six for what seems like forever lately and Kerry has been living out of a suitcase for weeks on end who knows where.

And boy have we taken advantage of this awesome gift!!

Rach and I stayed home from church today....I would loved to have gone with the family but, silly me, I hyper-extended my knee and well, can't walk without limping and being in horrible pain.

But that didn't stop me from taking her out to get some pictures. Limp or no limp.

And she is such a great subject. She is always smiling and happy.


And girl has style, she picked out her won outfit today, accesorized with a cell phone no less.


And beautiful winter boots with pom poms.

Then she wanted noodles, so I figured since Pei Wei was on the way home...sort of we had to stop.

And then we felt bad, so we called the rest o f the family to meet us there after church.

And the place was so not prepared for eight hungry people. Needless to say I left a good tip and helped clean up.

Even the bigs love Pei Wei.



And what is dinner without a desert. For us Heart shaped peanut butter cups....(which we made into cute little art projects before eating....) yep, that's how we roll...


Have a good Sunday y'all!!

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Ni Hao Y'all


Duchess of Lanier said...

Looks like a relaxing day! And a special time with the adorable Miss R!
Hope your knee feels better for resting it today.

Jodi said...

yummy food and photos!!
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Stefanie said...

Looks like you ended up making it a great day, despite your injury :) I have got to find a Pei Wei... I've heard it's awesome!
Yay for husbands being HOME :)

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Sweet, sweet pics of your beautiful children. Looks yummy too! :)

So glad you were able to get some time with hubby!

Love and blessings,