Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still Waiting for my Family ~

Could it be you?

I'm Daniel. My birthday is 7/26/2009. I have cleft lip/palate and CHD/PDA. Aren't I just a doll?!?! And did you see my long fingers, I bet I could play a mean piano.


My name is Tate. I was born 6/7/08 and I have club foot. I have a cute little smile and really want a mommy and daddy.

I am Benjamin. I'm the youngest of the bunch. I may be small but will get bigger, just you wait and see. . My birthday is 12/22/2009 and I have microsia and could be deaf.

Hi my name is Jasper, aren't I cute?!? I love my toys and would really like to share with someone. My birthday is 1/16/09 and I have repaired cleft lip and unrepaired palate.

Hi, I'm Ryleigh. I am one of the only girls of the bunch. I love to smile and my birthday is 6/23/2001. I have thalassemia but do not require blood transfusions. Photobucket

I am the other girl listed with Wasatch, my name is Josie. I have wanted a family forever. I had CHD but am now healthy. My caregiver says I am a "graceful child". I think I am a bit shy.


There is a video of Josie for those interested.

For more information on any of these children contact Kathy Junk at Wasatch.

We have used Wasatch twice and would defianately use them again. For more information on Wasatch feel free to contact me.


Sherri said...

What beautiful children and i'm sure they will find their FOREVER FAMILIES!!

Randi said...

aHi, can singles adopt these kids?