Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I figured after yesterday's heavy post we could use some rainbows and roses around here. Not every day is filled with drama but I like to "keep it real" and night terrors are a very real part of our nightly routine.
The husband is MIA for the week and we are on our own. Not much going on thank goodness and the kids are all healthy.
I am working on a new pattern. It's a gingham swim suit for Hope. I found the pattern in a new sewing magazine and had to try it out. Will post pictures and maybe consider selling them soon. It is such a classic cute little suit!!
Our TA wait is winding down. We should be able to have confirmed dates very soon. I am being told that the consulate appointments are booked for the month of May and into June. I really hope not. The flights right now are about $2200 a piece and that is steep!! Not sure what we'll do, maybe wait until August when the prices go down?? ughhh, wish they had a reasonable adoption rate...

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Julie said...

That breaks my heart to hear you may have to wait until August. I will pray for a cheaper rate for you guys.