Friday, January 8, 2010

What We've Been up To...

Other than redoing my blog about a million times..
I have been busy sewing the last of my orders. None have come in since Christmas. I have been blessed to have raised a little over $700 for our adoption. The hard reality though is, that Kerry and I may have to make a decision for one of us to travel solo. At this point I am just not sure if we could afford both of us going. The important thing if that we get Rachel home.
I have been sewing some more items to list on Etsy. The blog orders are just not coming in anymore and I am thinking about closing the site and just sticking with Etsy. With the economy as it is, I am thankful to have received the orders I have.
Now onto what I've been making.....
A very hot pink reusable grocery bag, must make more but when I go to the grocery store I will be packing my groceries in style!! (and not have to stash or throw away anymore plastic bags)

Hannah's patchwork scarf, perfect for the cold weather we are having lately. The other side is super soft suede!!

This is Mr. Snowman, Jake made him for me in class. Isn't he cute? Ya know I love snowmen!! I guess the crafty bug has gotten all the kiddos.


Colleen said...

Just adorable!!!! I absolutely love that snowman!!! I am hoping that you meet your needed funds so that you both can travel : ) I traveled with my son Tyler while my husband stayed home with our other was an amazing trip for him and mama sure needed and appreciated his help!!!

Jan said...

Being crafty myself, I admire your talent! And, putting that talent to work by raising $700 is fantastic!!

Love the snowman!!