Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where to even begin....

So much going on I have no idea where to start. This move has been by far the hardest as far as transition and the kids' adjustment. The Little's seem to be doing ok, it's the big kids that have had the most difficult time. (and yes, we've been here almost 8 mths now) Their grades haven't suffered but the attendance and sickness and overall adjustment.....well, it's been a long road and still we are working on it.

G had her hearing and speech evaluation. She did pretty well. They told me she is highly intelligent. (like I didn't know that) the only problem is her articulation. She has a hard time being understood. We kind of expected that, after all she had a huge hole in her palate. The funny thing, she could be understood better when she was yelling at her sister versus being asked questions. And yes, we did hear some yelling amongst the Little's, not just your ordinary fighting but an all out knock down screaming match. It wasn't pretty y'all. I wish I could have dropped through a hole in the floor. It was that bad. And over a silly plastic toy band aid. Good thing the meeting was almost over and we ran out of there.

Now just one more meeting to go with the school and one more ent and hopefully we will be on our way to speech therapy.

I could really use a set schedule. Maybe that is what's missing here. It just takes time to re-establish one and this move like I said has really thrown us. I guess if you figure my surgery, JJ's post placement, a new baby waiting in China, starting the speech process and numerous other things, well anyone would feel lost...right?

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Carey and Norman said...

Sorry your adjustment has been harder this time. Hopefully, it will get easier and you'll have your sweet XZ angel home before you know it.