Tuesday, November 24, 2009


on our LOA still. I am ok with waiting, it gives me a chance to sew and make more headbands. The orders have slowed down quite a bit but I still have one a week. Right now I am very thankful for those orders. To all of my friends who have bought a headband/apron ect. Thank you!!

What we did get was an official update from our agency. Several cute pictures and measurements. She is growing and looks so big in the new pictures, however she is still a peanut only weighing in at 8.8 kgs. She has 8 teeth and a beautiful smile. Hope has actually suggested going with us to bring her home and those of you that know my girl know she is terrified of going back to China. But isn't this sweet face worth it??

One more little thing. Is anyone else getting tired of my ever changing blog designs?? I really liked the one with the green paisley, however after designing it, I was browsing my list of blogs and found someone who had almost the same exact thing....so, I changed mine because you know you just can't have two of the same designs out there....

So what do y'all think? I am not quite sure about this one but will keep it up for a couple days...

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