Sunday, November 29, 2009

What, no pictures???

Yep, you got it. I took absolutely no pictures on Thanksgiving or the day after. Crazy isn't it?

We did have a very nice dinner with family. It was quite yummy!!

The Duchess and I then went off to bed early so we could get up before the rooster crows to head out with all the other crazy people to get in line for my most coveted prize.

We were up and out the door Friday by 4 am. I did get the very lats item in the store and saved a grand total of $50 on said item. We then headed to Targ*t and watched the madness but didn't purchase anything. By 7am we were both hungry and a little tired, time for a pick me up!! Headed to the local Borders.

Can you believe we were the ONLY people in the store?!?! I am an avid reader and to have no one interested in books....aah the shame of it all. So anyway, we ordered some most needed caffeine and sat and enjoyed the books for an hour before heading out again.

All in all a great day with my Duchess. It was a day of mommy daughter greatness!!

I did get some pictures on Saturday though. We didn't do much. Headed out around town. Just browsing and looking at things. You do that when you are still getting used to a place.

I also changed the blog a bit again. Prince Charming does not like his picture in the header so I decided to fix it and do some adjustments. What do you all think??

The colors are ok, I am not loving it but it will do for now. I had a design I really liked but did not copyright it so someone came along and "borrowed" it and now I can't have two alike so I changed mine....

One more thing, I have a new style headband available!! I am super excited about this one and love the way it looks!! Please check out the sewing blog. There is also a giveaway there if you order.

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