Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Something that needs said....

I have a couple blogs and one is private. There is a reason for that. Blogger is a public forum, anyone can take what I say or post and use it for whatever they want. Pretty scary. right?
So, that being said I have a private blog, a place where I can talk about adoption related things like attachment, orphanges and other things without the fear that someone will leave a nasty comment or take what I say out of context.
So please do not be offended. It's not a place where I have family reading, it's more a place where other's who have adopted and been through what we have can openly share our experiences. We all should be a little more careful, words can hurt and leave a lifetime of wounds.
Ok, on to some summer fun. The kids love our neighborhood and we ventured into friends backyards yesterday and this is what we found.

flower signiture

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Deborah said...


I just discovered your blog from Patricia's. I love the sweet outfits that you make, and your blog is beautiful!

We leave for a vacation very shortly and I have lots of packing and cleaning to do yet, but I will stop by again when we return to read your adoption stories.

We are adopting from the Philippines. It's a long way off yet, but we know that the Lord has His hand in it every step of the way.