Thursday, August 27, 2009

Are You Ready for a Raffle?? and reasons for adopting again...

We have prayed about adopting again, really prayed. Seriously, we have five children and have been so very blessed, now why would we travel the murky waters of adoption again?? It's not easy and it is certainly not cheap.

Well, because God has called us to adopt once more. We have room in our home and of course in our hearts. The reward is in bringing home a child and giving this child the love and family he/she needs. However, the true reward is what this child gives us. Now why wouldn't we follow God's call?? Well, money is one thing....So far things have fallen into place and worked out so that we could get our dossier together and send it to China in the next week or so...

I have been sewing like crazy trying to fund raise to get the rest of the money we will need once our LOA is here. As much as I don't want to ask for help, I am. We will be having a raffle soon.

It's slowly coming together.... There are quite a few handmade items. Like an outfit a month for a year....A beautiful handmade TuTu in your choice of colors from this awesome mom. (thanks so much for your thoughtful donation) Also a portable dvd player, great for your upcoming trip to China.

I am debating on whether to give up the Coming Home Barbies...We have two and my girls have never even opened them. And really, what matters most is bringing our daughter home. It is truly amazing how God's hand is in even the matching phase of the adoption process. Each time we have stepped out on faith and adopted we have been given the opportunity to parent the most precious little girl meant for our family. Like she was hand picked just for us. How amazing is that?

So, anyone else want to donate something in exchange for free advertising??

As soon as I hear those magic words (your dossier has been sent) from our agency the raffle will begin!!

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Marjorie said...

Thank you so much for adding our button to your blog. Please e-mail me at with your last name/e-mail address and I will send you your raffle ticket number.

Congrats on finding your newest daughter! She is BEAUTIFUL!