Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guess What??!!!

No, we are not adopting again. This has nothing to do with that.
However, my DH just called and he gets to meet with this famous guy!!! Am I jealous or what. And you know, I didn't ask for a picture or anything, the first thing I said was if you get to talk in depth make him aware of all the waiting kids out there and a need for more grant programs to get them home to families. He is THE man to get things done, especially since his better half has adopted before.
And then I asked for a picture ; )

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Tami said...

I LOVE your new blog makeover....I remember when you posted the picture you have in the title bar....very nice!

Speaking of very nice....He is very good looking....hope you get a picture....AUTOGRAPHED personally to you....and your hubby gets to plead his case!

Love ya, Tam