Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Fun

Where do I begin? Major change is coming. I can't even get into it right now but will soon....I promise. It may not be what you are expecting.....
I am trying to get into the holiday spirit with everything that is going on but it's hard.

We started the day by having the boys go out for breakfast and do a little "mommy" Christmas Shopping. Not sure where they ended up but I did get a total of five phone calls asking about this and that.

While they were gone, the girls and I baked sugar cookies. Have any of you ever tried to make gluten free cookies?? I tell you it isn't easy. The wheat flour is what makes them good and well without get the idea. But, I had success!! The cookies are alot lighter in color (due to the coconut and rice flour) so I had to watch them carefully. The frosting is pretty much the same. The boys came home so I had them do the frosting and sprinkles. They were very yummy and almost gone, so I guess they were pretty good. Seriously, they had a lighter texture, were a little softer and not quite as sweet. (which is good with all that frosting!!)

Not long after we finished that my darling DH came up and said he was taking three of the five with him to finish up shopping!! That in itself is a gift, what more could I need?? Gracie is sleeping and Jake is playing with the kitty. I am about to go park myself on the couch with some major cough meds and a remote : )

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Please help us name kitty!! We have come up with Sage, Sally Sue, Sadie and Sasha but need to all agree. What would you name her??

This is Hope left to her devices for a mere ten minutes. Lovely isn't it. Sorry for the terrible pictures. I am selling my old camera on eBay because I won a Canon Reb*el!! Yeah!! Anyway I am using an old small digital until it comes in the mail.

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