Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Road Less Traveled...updated

We are at a crossroad, there are two paths, which one will we take?? That which we knew was going to happen may not. Any guesses?? We have a major announcement soon.

And just because, a picture of my girl. Oh, btw I did get my new (to me) rebel slr in the mail but have no idea how to use it. Any suggestions?? I am not one to sit and read a manual. Like I have time for that. LOL

This last picture was taken with my new camera. I have no idea how to use it yet. I got lucky with this picture. It may not look amazing to you but if you saw Grace's pre surgery scar from China and her nose you would be shocked at this new one. I think by the time her 6 mth. check is due her scar will be almost invisible. Dr. Jackson is amazing!! We are so blessed to have had his expert services for her palate and lip repair! (oh, please ignore the lovely chocolate, in my excitement I almost forgot it was there)


I did figure some things out, now how about pointers for photo shop. Here are some more pics of the kids and Sadie. Now remember, I am just beginning, so be kind.


Anonymous said...

I love you honey. Thanks for holding on and making this journey with me. It'll all work out for the best...God is good!

You are so talented with web design! Maybe you could get a job doing this and we could both stay home?

Love you,


Amy said...

I've been enjoying your blog! I have the exact same camera, but haven't taken it off the auto settings yet (that is my goal for next year)! I usually have it on the portrait setting and then I edit the picture with my Kodak Easyshare software or on my Flickr account. You can see pics I've taken with it on my blog or on my Flickr account at If you figure it out soon, let me know!!

Barbie said...

If you happen to figure out your camera maybe you can give me lessons? I have had the same camera as you for two years and still haven't read the manual! Everything is on auto for me. I would love to take a class.

Grace's scar looks amazing! She is such a beauty. Both of them are.

I hope all is well. I am not sure what the news is but I will be praying for His will.

Love ya.

Jutta said...

Kerry, you are so sweet and too funny. Can't wait to find out which road you all will take. As I told Desiree, I need to plan our next summer vacation and therefore need to know which way you guys are heading :) Just kidding. Wish you all the best.

Keisha said...

You are going to LOVE that new camera! Just keep clicking.. that's how I've learned..& still am learning! LOL!
What path.....??? I have no idea!!! But, can't wait to hear!
Merry Christmas!
ps.. I love that sweet little kitty cat!!! I used to have one JUST LIKE that.. his name was Simon!

Tami said...


Please...Don't keep us hanging for long on the news!

Congrats on winning the new camera...your doing great. I have the same camera and only use the auto I can't be much help here. I can tell you, I use the 'no flash' setting whenever possible indoors, and the sports mode when trying to capture the boys in action.

Grace is looking so good....I'm sure you're so relieved to have that surgery behind you.

Merry Christmas!