Monday, September 29, 2008

I am King of Poo.....

Here me scream....

Ok, just had to get that out before a recap of the weekend. This is the nickname I was given by Hope after changing the fifth poo diaper today. (yes, and it's still early folks.)

We had a very relaxing weekend. Not much planned. Just some Saturday house work and Sunday driving around. We ended up taking the kids to the cider mill, where they played, had donuts, cider and then screamed like banshees when it was time to go. (OK, that was just Hope)

Lots of fun and nothing stressful.

So I thought. Monday comes around and I am sick again and so is Jake. Hope and Grace have a tummy bug and I am up to my eyes balls cleaning poo. Yes, I thought I would give y'all a visual because I am at my breaking point here. It's seems like everyone has been or is sick these past 4 weeks. Grace most likely has giardia, but the doctors say no. Keep in mind this is a tough bug to get rid of and it took me three tries to get Hope tested correctly. Grace has been tested once by a doctor who had no IA experience and didn't even get a complete blood work up on her.

I know this is all a part of parenting but come on can I have one day where the girls will poo on the potty and and one of us isn't sick??? Please?

Those of you that know me, know I am kidding. I mean yes, i would love a day without toxic diapers and sick kids, but that's part of parenting and it won't always be this way.....Some day I will be wishing they were still in diapers instead of going on dates, driving, staying out late and talking back!! LOL

The first two pictures above are in our back yard. The kids and I love to spread a blanket or sheet out and just enjoy the sunshine.

We also have, for your viewing pleasure a video. This is what happens when Grace has to hold anyone's hand. We pray before meals and this always gets a big laugh. (not the praying, Gracie's reaction to holding hands)



Barbie said...

Yuck. I am so sorry to hear you all are feeling sick again. You really need a break!! True, it is something us moms have to put up with but for four weeks??? I hope you ALL feel better soon.

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Desiree that video is ADORABLE! I love to see her snuggle into your shoulder! Sweet!
Praying all are better very soon! I hear ya about wanting everyone well...

Tami said...

Oh sorry to hear you're still battling with bugs! Yuck.

Loved the pictures....looks like you're all lovin life and each other....Grace is looking so good!!!

Loved the video with the 'hold your hand face' cute!

Julie said...

So sorry about the sickness. I don't like that part either. The bonding will come. It is the hardest part. She will learn to rely on you.