Saturday, September 6, 2008

Butterfly Video and an update of sorts...

Kerry and Grace have been home about four days. She is such a tiny little girl. She does eat and boy do I mean eat. She can pack away more food than Kerry or Jake. (and that is alot!) We had our first doctors appt. yesterday. She did pretty well considering.

I am not impressed with our doctor at all. She barely looked at her, said she was assessed at a 9-10 mth level and then sent us of for blood work. I am now looking for a new peds doctor with IA experience.

We have a cleft appointment on Monday. I am looking forward to this one. (insert sarcasm) He will look everything over and let us know what he thinks as far as timing and surgeries go.

Kerry and I have decided Grace's adoption will be our last. I know putting that in writing is so hard. As much as I would love to adopt again, it just isn't possible. We have five children, all pretty close in age, all needing us as they grow and I am feeling the pull. I want to give my children what they need and adding more well, I just couldn't do it. maybe when Hope and Grace are a little older we will go back and volunteer. That is something I would love to do. It would also give them an inside look at how an orphanage is run and maybe a sense of closure or understanding for the girls. They were so young when we adopted them, I am not sure how much they will remember. I hope they remember the good things and that their aiya's loved them very much and did the best they could.

I wanted to end this post with something extraordinary but Grace is waking up and I need to run. I guess in closing I will just say that I love all my children very much. Hope and Grace were meant to be our daughter's. I know this. Grace's adoption was especially meaningful. She waited so long because she was meant to be ours. I mean how could a nine month old baby girl go through all the agencies interested clients and then two yahoo groups and someone not say she is mine? It's because God chose her for Kerry and I. I believe that with all my heart. She is a special little girl and with time her true personality will come out, she will start to feel safe with us and know that we love her very much.

One more thing, if anyone is looking for a GREAT agency I would highly encourage you to call ours. (Wasatch) All their China people have been awesome. They went above and beyond what I expected. Marilyn is a wonderful person and always made sure I knew what was going on. The travel part of it was also great. Kerry said the guides were amazing, especially the Xian one. Sabrina, the lady who sets everything up was amazing, she called me at home most every day, mostly because she knew I wasn't able to travel, just to let me know what they were doing that day or that everything was going as planned.


Rebecca said...

Desiree, I am so thrilled that Gracie is home - the pictures of you with her made me cry! The butterfly video is so sweet. I am sure it will be a flurry of transition, dr. visits, etc. for the next few months - I am preparing myself for that too. (And I am sure Owen will have giardia!) She will catch up with time, if she is more delayed than you anticipated. The love of a family will give her the platform to grow.

Enjoy these moments bonding with your little girl!

Julie said...

I love the video. I wouldn't worry too much about being Gracie being delayed. She will catch up. I hope you get the giardia cleared up very quickly. It is not fun.

JeanneC said...

I'm so glad to see your post. I saw the video on Kerry's Facebook and I LOVE it! I'm sure Grace is still in shock and it will take some time for her to realize that she is "home". Just remember, keep her on the floor as long as possible!! The more I'm learning about Abigail and her trauma, the more I am aware of how critical it is for children to crawl and creep as long as possible to deal with the traumas. Take care.

The Ferrill's said...

What a beautiful, heart-felt post. Gracie does have a road ahead of her, but with her forever mama and baba beside her, and one GREAT GOD who brought her home, she is destined for GREATNESS! It will be so neat to see God's plan unfold for all your sweet children.
I'm praying for your family's transition...I remember this time all too well when we came home from China. Gracie will make strides and in a month you will look back and see how far she's come! At the adoption clinic in Birmingham Dr. Chambers told me the BEST advice...never judge how things are going by the day, because days differ so much. Judge how things are going by what kind of WEEK you've had. I love that!
Sorry if this comment is rambling! I'm beyond needing to go to bed!

Kit J said...

Desiree - I am so happy Gracie is home. Wow it seems so long ago that you first contacted me about her. What a joy to know she is in such a loving home. Let me know what you find out on the cleft stuff. You know with having my own little cleft guy I will be curious as to what they say. I hope she can overcome her delays quickly. Too bad about the Dr. It is frustrating that there are not more doctors that are familiar with children coming here form international countries. Again congrats!!! Kathy Junk

Steph said...

Wow! We have so much in common. I have followed your travel and adoption of your beautiful Grace with particular interest. We are waiting for our LOA and TA (anytime now) for our daughter in Hanzhong. I'm also a mom to 5, 2 adopted from China, well almost 2 anyway! I'm anxious to go bring our Grace home, who is 10. Our other daughter had just turned 2 when we adopted her and I also feel that our girls were chosen for our family. We just had to listen and have faith!
Blessings to your family!
Stephenie in Utah