Monday, September 1, 2008

Look at my babies sweet face!!

They are finally back in Guangzhou for the last leg of the journey. Five more days until I can hold her. Kerry is feeling better. They are planning on going to Lucy's, the Pearl Market and doing some local shopping. (I hope) Check the Travel Journal for updates again.
Also, check the sewing blog. I am starting something new. To thank all of you wonderful peeps for ordering and helping us reach our goal for Gracie's adoption, I will be GIVING away new creations about twice a month. I would shoot for every week, but I think I am going to be pretty busy once Grace and Kerry come home.


Julie said...

She is so beautiful. Only 4 more days.

Steve and Jan said...

She IS so beautiful! Steve was home this weekend and I was showing him the pics of Gracie. We are SO happy for you guys!

It won't be long 'til you can hold her in your arms!

Keeping you in our prayers! BTW, Kerry is doing a great job!