Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three posts in a day...

wish it was good news. Here is an email I received from May. We have asked our agency to request expedited LOA and TA. We'll see what happens. I don't think they will go for it because Grace's sn's are not severe but I can ask...and pray.

I have been very saddened by all of this also. I called the orphanage and found out they are short of blankets, food, water and a have a bad problem with mosquitoes. They are living in tents, but during the day they do some activities in the newer building, but at night they must go back and stay in the tents. Many of the children including your daughter have gotten many mosquito bites. They are trying very hard, but can't seem to control them, and this is a worry. They don't know how long they must stay in the tents. They must wait for inspectors to check out the buildings before they can move back into them. My heart was very heavy when I talked to them.They said they have found ways to get some things they need, but they need more money. I am asking many many friends to help me here and we are doing things to raise money to send to them. I think this is the best way to help. If you have a group there I can send the money I raise here to you, and you can send it to China. What do you think?


Julie said...

I am so sorry. I will be praying for your LOA to come very quickly.


Denise said...

I too am sorry and can't imagine the hurt in your heart for your little girl. Come on LOA!!!

Tami said...

Your heart must be so heavy. Praying you receive your expedited
LOA and TA. Thinking of you guys often.