Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We found out our LID is actually April 30. We were told it was April 18, but I didn't think it was possible as this was our DTC date. The agency insisted it was, turns out they were wrong. We also asked for expedited LOA and were told that their China facilitator said there isn't a problem in Hanzhong...hmm.. that's strange. Seems to me I am reading about it in the news and hearing about it from the Director of the SWI and from phone calls to the SWI. So, now what do we do?? Push the issue and see what happens or let it go? If we push we risk our dossier getting stuck somewhere and if we don't, who knows??

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Julie said...

I am sorry your LID is later than you originally thought. I will be praying that things speed up for you.