Sunday, May 18, 2008

No new news...

We haven't heard anything from Hanzhong in a couple days. I did make a donation to Caring for China. They sent me an update saying they are in the process of wiring money over to cover the cost of filtered water and meds. I'm wondering though if they don't have water, how can they do laundry, cook or even drink anything. It's so hard to sit here and have everything I need knowing my baby is over there and may not be getting a bottle or clean diapers.
I heard a song in church this morning and it really helped.

"When I'm afraid, your love remains.
Oh God, I'm holding on to you"

How true God's love is here and he will watch over Grace and keep her safe.
Here are some of the pictures we got from our China-Babies report. The first one is Grace at 4-6 mths and the last one is from April of this year. She is getting so big. As happy as I was to get these pictures, I am also sad that I am missing out on so much.


Kim said...

Please know Gracie is in my prayers. She really is growing!

In reference to the women calling you, I'd definately contact your agency. Something just doesn't seem right to me either.

Thanks for including me in your private blog. I've bee checking in regularly.

Tami said...

Sending a big 'Cyber Hug' and of course paryers!

Anonymous said...

Gracie is so precious!