Monday, November 12, 2012

It's been awhile, right??

Having a child with issues will do that to you. Not many people talk about what happens when you adopt an older child. Or what you deal with when your child has RAD. Or tons of baggage.

It's not easy and everyone suffers. Not just the child or the parents, EVERYONE.

How many of you out there are dealing with this?

There should be a group or something to help adoptive parents through this.....


Rebecca said...

Both Jennifer @ "A difference to this one" and Vickie @ "Just a minute mom" can probably help. They are on my sidebar in case you need their links. Prayers for you today...

iBackStory said...

I hope this helps.

R said...

I can't offer much in the advice department as I am in the same boat. If you need to talk please contact me, it helps so much just to talk to someone who understands. The attach-china group has been a great help to me.