Friday, October 19, 2012

Bonding and Family

Being honest about the home transition is tough in adoption land....Everyone wants to think it's all sunshine and roses. And mostly, it is. But when you adopt an older child it's a little different.

The child comes with preconceived notions and a whole slew of history that you were not apart of. And if you are lucky, your child was fostered and has learned to atttach and form relationships.

With J and I we had this dance, two steps forward one step back. Always with him doing great and then for no reason acting out and being, well just awful to me and some of his siblings.

Long story short our local adoption clinic gave us this wonderful book.

You can find the book by clicking on the picture.
It has been a life saver for us.  Seriously, overnight things have been more calm. Which is great, because with 7 kids when we have a little drama it turns into a lot of drama.

The book has also helped me understand quite a bit about my reactions to things and helped spin everything in a positive way. Which is a great thing.


Keisha said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I will be sure to check it out, as our little man is 6. It is scary at times when I think about him not knowing ANY English.. how will we communicate? ..But, I know the Lord will see us through those difficult times as I'm sure He has with you.

Lisa Cox said...

Thank you for sharing this book. I remember having that dance with Cade and it was not fun. We are getting ready to grow our family again and I worry about some of those times being relived when the new addition comes. I love having resources to go to. Thanks again and blessings to you all.