Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Joy~

It's that time again~ Seems like just yesterday we moved to a new state and started again. But, it's been a year~

 A year of getting adjusted....

Starting new schools or home school....

new job....

New friends....

New routines....

And a new brother!!!

Who will be home God willing in about 5 weeks~
Just over a month. Not much time at all.
And as all of you know adoption is expensive. But we have been blessed.

And now we are in the home stretch~
But still need some help.
Nothing that God can't handle. We are short $1900. And will need that before we can travel. In just five short weeks.

Friends have suggested a giveaway. With suggested donations.  But after much prayer we just don't feel right hosting a giveaway/raffle.

A good friend/fellow adoptive mother has created a beautiful piece of jewelry for us and is willing to donate all her profits from this gorgeous necklace to Joshua's adoption fee's.

More details to follow~

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