Thursday, March 1, 2012

Christopher from Starfish


Isn't he the cutest thing ever?

Christopher is being fostered by a precious Australian
family who lives in Shanghai.
They have been fostering him since
he was a wee little tike of 8 weeks old.

How amazing that Christopher was able
to receive love, affection and attention from such a
young age.

But because of their country's restrictions for adoption,
they are unable to adopt him.

Which breaks my heart.
Sometimes things are so unfair in this life.

They, along with Amanda de'Lange,
are looking for him a forever family.

I have pictures and video to share because
once you see them
you will fall head over heels in love
with this little man.

So take a loooooooong look.

His foster family has written an update on him
that is only available to those who are truly
interested in adopting him
(not just truly interested in reading about him).

He also speaks English & Chinese well.
What a smart little man he is and
how incredible to bring a child home that you
can already communicate clearly with!

Christopher is on the shared list right now.

If you were to read his SN, most would keep
on reading because it may seem too hard for you.
But I just know there is one special family
out there for Christopher, where he
would continue
to flourish, shine, and bless your home.

His foster family shares that he is the
life of the party and
a joy to anyone he meets.

He is receiving excellent medical care in Shanghai
and continues to do well.

Christopher's SN is hydrocephalus & spina bifida.

You can view a video made
by his foster family and Amanda below.

password: yuyajun

And enjoy! Because seeing his smile puts a smile on my face and I just know it will yours!


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