Sunday, June 19, 2011

Needing a Dad ~

and a mommy to!! The precious little girl is Sadie. She was born January 2002. Her special need is listed as "post op cleft spine" in other words post op spina bifida.

She has a zest for life and always a smiling happy face. She can mover her legs but requires a wheelchair or walker to get around.

Wasatch has her file for a couple more weeks, although Kathy said that Sadie has a special place in her heart and would be willing to transfer her file to your agency if need be.

She is currently at Eagle's Wing in Henen. And as much as that is a wonderful place to be what this precious child needs is a forever family.

Please don't let her go back to the shared list adn become one of thousands listed.

For more information contact Kathy Junk with Wasatch

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Anonymous said...

precious girl. thank you for advocating for her. please keep us posted...