Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just the Girls ~

 well, minus one...Hope stayed home. She wasn't to into the whole driving anywhere thing....

And to be honest we just went out so my little monkey Rachel would take a nap~ You see after her surgery, her schedule is all messed up and she is afriad to sleep in her crib. She wakes up screaming and climbs out.

I am so afraid she will fall or hurt herself. And today she needed a nap so desperately that we just drove somehwere anywhere.

 We started at a alocal art show, but it was less than exciting. So we ended up at a local farm.

Which kind of fits in with what we are doing at home....growing a garden. Trying to save some money on groceries. It's working, I am going to have so many tomatos and peppers we will be eating them for years!!

And maybe pumpkins or watermelon or maybe it's cantelope. I can't be sure, my signs got blown away in a storm and I am not really sure what they are just that they are taking over our lawn!!

Rachel got a pretty good hour nap so we took a walk and then decided to sample the treats.

And as you can tell Rachel was very happy about that. There isn't much she gets upset about. Unless of course you try to take her food.

Then watch out.....

This is what I call a treat and so worth the hour drive in the car for my sweety to nap.

Of course said sweety wanted nothing to do with the ice cream...she is all about the good stuff. Like hot buttered corn and picking all the fruit out of our ice cream.

But it's all good and so worth the drive ~

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Caseybumpinalong said...

Looks like a fun day. Love your photos!

Kim said...

I really love the photo of the bridge!

Amie said...

omword.. the corn pic. SO stinkin' cute! And love the pic of the bridge. You have a darling family.


Chris said...

Very cute pictures!!!


Olivia's Mom said...

Great pictures! Were you on the Towpath? We used to love biking there.

Lori Printy said...

tell me that is not Szlay farms? If so you were just 10 minutes away from our house:)