Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The story of a boy~

who is still waiting patiently for his forever family to find him~

He was born 3.18.2003. He was found by the SWI staff in 2005 at the age of 2 without any surgeries.

His orphanage sent him to have his lip repaired first then a palate surgery next. He recovered well.

He has grown up in the orphanage for the past 6 years waiting and watching all the other kids leave with their forever families. In his own words he "really wants to be adopted but is sometimes scared." He sees the girls leave and would love to have his own family.

I have seen his file and he will need a bone graft surgery soon. He may also need some dental work.

In an update recieved by our agency yesterday they stated he has not had any further surgery but did suffer a fall on the stairs and needed three stitches.

Can you imagine this poor child falling and needing sticthes and not having his mama there to hold him and tell him it will be alright?!?!

"Robert" has been waiting on the list for a family since we chose our precious Gracie back in 2007!! That is a long time to wait...and to wonder when is my turn?

Please don't let him become a statistic. Could you be his forever family?

Contact Kathy Junk at kathy@wiaa.org for more information. Wasatch is a great agency, we have used them twice. They also offer a grant in the amount of $2500 if you qualify.

Robert is a bit shy and his peers pick on him because of his unclear speech. He is sometimes sad.

I think a forever family will help take that sadness away. This child needs a home where he can be comfortable and run and play with a family that will love him for who he is.

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