Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Baby is 15 ~

How time flies....I can remember her being born like it was yesterday~

We had many long nights. A baby with severe colic and some health issues. But we worked it out, even if I was up until 4 am the first year and sleeping during the day.

She was my first baby. She loved animals and getting dirty. Anything with mud, sh ewas all over that. Not much of a girly girl...

And she loves her brothers and sisters.

They broke the mold with my girl. She is confident, strong in who she is and all about doing what is right. She also marches to her own beat and when asked what kind of cake she wanted...

My girl said "no cake, I would like fruit please"

Now how could I turn down a request like that?!?!

Hannah has grown into a beautiful young lady and all the hard labor, sleepless nights and multiple doctors visits the first two years well it was all worth it.


Steve and Jan said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! I love your choice of fruit to celebrate! My kids keep asking for one of those :)

Desiree, hope you are all doing well. Still enjoy keeping up with your blog. Hubby keeps telling me I need to get on FB :)

Take care!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! What a beautiful girl...and her baby pic looks like her mama. :)

You come on over and order whatever you like, my friend. Your credit is waiting...and I just need sizes!

Love and blessings,