Thursday, February 24, 2011


for a family, still. Could it be yours?


Meet Ryleigh. She is almost 10 and has waited so long for a family. She is in Guangdong Province. Her special need is thalassemia. She does not require blood transfusions.

This is what the orphanage says about sweet Ryleigh

"She is very happy to go to school, because she could learn more there and have new friends. She is extroversive, has a ready smile, fond of eating snake, able to take shower herself, clean the house; treat everybody kind and politely."

Next is a tiny little guy. His name is Benjamin. I call him Benji. He was born December 22, 2009. His special need is Atresia and Microtia. He is so cute and the poor little guy just got over chicken pox.

Here is what the orphanage said about little Benji

UPDATE from orphanage - 1-12-11 - We had done an ABR testing on August 10, 2010, the result was 80 decibel on the left ear and 60 decibel on the right ear. Because of the microsia (closure of the ear lobe), after the surgery, he might be able to hear better. At this time, there is no plan for surgery. He is not completely deaf in life. Sometimes, if we call his names loudly, he will turn his head. At this time he has chickenpox so unable to take photos and do weight and height update."

Last but certainly not least is handsome little Daniel.


He is super cute and just waiting for his mommy and daddy to find him. He was born July 26, 2009 and his special need is CHD (mild) and cleft lip/palate. His lip was repaired in January 2010.

Here is what the orphanage says about sweet Danny boy.

"He is a gentle and cute boy, is introvert, but is obstinate sometimes. Although he does not have loud crying, when you do not cuddle him when seeing him, he will never stop crying. He will cry when it is time for milk, and will not bear to be late for one minute, so the aunts call him little alarm clock. But he is easy to be satisfied, and will play happily after being full, and can make sound like a, a, he likes to have bath, and is not afraid of water, he is docile when having bath."

Please contact Kathy at Wasatch for more information.

We have used Wasatch twice and love them.


Sherri said...

just adorable children!

BigOrangeDog said...

Is Ryleigh in Zhu Hai City? I recognize the playground, I think. My daughter is from there. A GREAT orphanage -- the kids are truly loved and well-prepared for adoption. There's a Yahoo group for that CWI with many parents who have adopted older girls.