Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mamma, is that you?

Update: I have found my family~

Meet Ping, she was born December 7, 2005. Isn't she just beautiful?!?!

Her diagnosis sounds scary ~ obstructive hydracephalus, absence of septum pellucidum -

Scary like I said, right?? But, God is good and he placed her in LWB. She is doing very well there and guess what else??

An updated CT scan confirms she doesn't have obstructive hydracephalus, absence of septum pellucidum. Or rather that her brain scan can find no abnormality.

To find out more information on this sweet girl contact Kathy Junk at Wasatch. (


Sherri said...

what a little cutie, she looks so tiny to be 5 yrs old.

Duchess of Lanier said...

Thank you for getting these children's information out there.
Hope you are making progress toward moving back home.

Sharing Life and Love said...

She's been waiting so long...hope her family finds her soon.

RM said...

praying she is ours!

thank you so much,