Thursday, December 16, 2010

An eventful day ~

Thursday started out great for us. We went to the local mall to meet one of Gracie J's care takers while she was in China. We had corresponded back and forth for some times and she was finally in the area to meet up with another family who is also blessed to have a Hanzhong honey!!

We didn't get to spend much time together but what we did have was precious. Just hearing stories about Gracie as an infant brought me to tears. We are truly blessed to have this connection and for Grace to have felt the love of someone special while waiting for us to come get her.

The last part of the day was very eventful. We have all had the flu the past two weeks or so and Rachel had the flu shot, so I thought we were safe, it would pass right over her.
However when we came home from the mall, she was running a fever. Not a little fever a whopping 104!! I immediately gave her some tylen*l and thought she was doing better. Once Kerry came home she seemed ok. He took the big kids to church and I managed getting the Little's settled for the night. Rachel then took a turn for the worse. She started wheezing, the fever returned and her face was all swollen. I ran to the med center, they saw us and sent us to the ER. They wanted to call an ambulance, however I talked them out of that and drove.
They couldn't find any veins for the IV. It was not fun. She just cried and cried. Still no IV, so we were set up with bottles of juice, Popsicles and water, a nice smallish bed, a TV and hours to spend in the ER trying to get a very tired grumpy baby to drink.
She did manage to gulp down one full bottle of Gatorade and a small Popsicle before 2 am, then with the sugar started bouncing off the walls. I promptly, dumped the other water down the drain, ate a Popsicle and said we were ready to go. I assume they thought she drank/ate it all and said we were free to go.
Rachel was a sweety and went right to bed once home. I however was not so lucky, Gracie woke up and decided it was morning. When I got her settled I manged to grab about four hours of sleep before the schools decided to call it an early day and send the kids home.
Sigh~ I guess I can sleep later, knowing that Rachel is better is worth more than my sleep.
Oh and the diagnosis? Bilateral ear infections with dehydration. Something so simple .....


Julie said...

That is so neat to have that connection!

Oh my, poor Rachel, poor you! I hate it when my kids get sick.

Anita said...

Poor sweetheart....poor momma! UGH! Kaylin had a double ear infection this past summer and it was noooo fun at all, so I understand. It's so hard when they are sick and no one gets sleep, too. If only you could put life on hold while you catch up, huh? ;)