Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two beautiful Waiting children ~ Update ~

Sweet Christopher, where do I begin with him???? He is a cute little guy with a sweet smile. Christopher is also from Hope's orphanage in Baoji Shaanxi. So he is extra special in my book!!

His DOB is 9/2009. He has limb differences. Looks pretty mild and again, did you see that smile??

Mya is breath taking and her needs, well a little out of the ordinary but still pretty mild and may require no surgery. She has the eyes, you know the ones that draw you in and don't let go....

Makes you just want to give her a hug and put a smile on her face. Her DOB is 7/3/2008. She is in Guanxi.
Virtually a July 4th baby!! Her special needs are Limb Differences.

Take it from me, limb differences aren't such a hard special need to deal with. Our girl Rachel, she is amazing and can do what ever she pleases. She is very determined and you can hardly tell her leg is 3-4 inches shorter than the other.

Here is something from an orthopedist in regards to Mya's special needs:

"I would definitely cast her, She has bilateral significant club foot, so it will take a while longer but I would expect a good result. Her knees appear smooth and dimpled, she may have a systematic condition, perhaps arthrogryposis as it can affect just the lower limbs."

For more information or to request her file contact Kathy at Wasatch. ( or email me at

Let's all pray this sweet girl finds her forever family!!

Ok, all, sweet Christopher has a family!!! What a wonderful New Year they will have to be blessed with such a sweet little guy!!!


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

They are both very beautiful children. I pray that they find homes soon!

I hope you had a blessed Christmas!

Love you friend!

3childrenbyfaith said...

They are beautiful. I have a question for you. I would love to start using my blog to advocate for the orphan too. Would you have any ideas for me on how to get started?